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Is this place still alive?

Gregory Edgeworth looks around at the suspiciously-empty dressing room. He doesn't see anyone ... hmm. Maybe he can get someone's attention.

He clears his throat.

... nope, still no one.

He snaps his fingers in disappointment ... and that's when it comes to him. Snapping! Of course. Von Karma was famous for his almost-deafening snaps. It couldn't be so hard to pull that off ... right?


(Several minutes later...)


"Heh, I did it!" He grins. "In your face, Manfred."

... Ohh, right. He was trying to get someone's attention. Well... let's see if he succeeded in that regard.

Deck the Halls and revive the dressing room.

*Franziska opens a random door, hoping maybe this one will be a way out. No such luck. This room is full of Christmas decorations--trees that reach all the way to the ceiling, enough blinking lights to induce a seizure, goofy Santa and snowman sculptures, and of course, mistletoe.*

Hmph. I am not about to spend another Christmas in this place, especially not when it's decorated in such a tacky manner.
Apply directly to the forehead

What's this, another Godot?

*Groggily, he ambles to his closet, opening the door, he finds himself staring at the inside of a dressing room...Again*

Huh, It's been a while.

*Godot trips over the closet, still not quite awake yet, and the doors shut behind him"


(Oh hi, I used to kind of actually post here, but life got in the way, but now I'm back and next time I'll warn you all of any hiatuses I'll be taking in the future)

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The place is lonely, well away from the bustling streets of the city. The road winds through trees with heavy, sloping branches, their red-and-gold leaves rustling and scattering in the wind. Through the high, wrought-iron fence running parallel to the road, gravestones are clearly visible, the white marble shining in the sunlight.

Iris parks her moped and sits for a moment, staring at the gate.


It's been a long time. But... there are things she must say, secrets that have weighed heavy on her heart for a long, long time. Even in this stillness and seclusion, Iris is afraid to speak them aloud... but she can't turn back now. She can't...

Maybe Dahlia's spirit will hear her. Iris isn't sure whether she wants that or not.

Iris finally stands and approaches the gate. Her hands are shaking when they close around the smooth iron bars. She closes her eyes and bows her head for a moment, taking a breath to steel herself.

Dahlia... We need to talk.

Iris pulls open the gate and steps through...

But when she raises her head and opens her eyes, she is not in the cemetery. She's never seen this place before.

Iris whirls around -- but the gate is gone. There is only blank wall behind her.

No, what... Where am I?

Um, have an Iris? An Iris with ~secrets~ XD I've never RPed before in my entire life, but I've always wanted to try. I know the community's not very active, but I thought I'd mess around here anyway. Aaand it's late here, so if anyone sees this and feels like poking Iris, I'll reply in the morning

Internet meme room

*Larry enters a room full of the most random collection of things imaginable. It's almost too weird even for Larry. A cat sits near the door, alternating between starting at a cheeseburger and looking up at him.*

You want to share that burger?  Ok.

*He is distracted by a blue creature with prominent gills.*

What the heck is THAT?  And why do I feel like dancing?

((This room is full of living embodiments of internet memes. Use real ones, or invent something like the tapdancing Steel Samurai!))

She also has a cat named "Claudia".

This new case is odd. It seemed pretty straightforward, for a father to pass his inheritance to his daughter, but since his daughter was underage, the rights passed to his second wife after his death until their daughter came of age. Now that his daughter is of age, though, the fortune is rightfully hers.

However, the daughter--Flora--wanted the inheritance to stay with her mother because if she takes it her mother will "shut down". I was supposed to just work out the legal issues of Flora leaving the fortune with her mother, but suddenly her mother collapses and in the scramble to call for help, her body disappears. Flora looks guilty. She really doesn't have an alibi either.

But if Flora didn't want the inheritance anyway, why would she kill her mother?

I'll figure this out.

[OoC: This mun also RPs at mallowmateys! Phoenix will be here thinking everything that happened in that Pirate world was a dream, though. ... And Phoenix is talking about Flora from Professor Layton because it was the first case I could think of making up I thought it would probably make an interesting legal case!]

The worst day of my life

*Franziska recognizes this room. It's the prison's death chamber...why is she here? She breathes a sigh of relief when she finds herself standing unrestrained; at least she isn't the one being executed. Her relief is short-lived, however, as she sees who IS about to be executed: her father. She looks away, unable to repeat the experience.*

No...not again.


((OOC explanation: This room makes you relive the most traumatic experience of your character's life. Naturally, alternate versions of the same character may see different things. Also, you will not be able to see what anyone else is seeing.))